Test with Confidence

Your project has many hundreds of unit tests, and JUnit's
green bar of goodness gives you a sense that your code base
is well tested.

But how well do those tests actually test the code base? What code are
the tests actually testing? What code isn't being tested? Is the test suite getting out of date?

Unit tests drive code quality;
Clover drives unit test quality

Clover is a powerful and highly configurable code coverage analysis tool. It discovers sections of code that are not being adequately exercised by your unit tests.

Improve test quality

Developers and Team leads use Clover to quickly find untested java code and measure testing completeness. This feeds back into the testing process to improve tests. Coverage reports can be published in HTML or PDF and shared with the development team or project management.

Increase testing productivity

Developers charged with writing unit tests find Clover an empowering tool, giving them instant insight into what their tests are actually testing. This feedback is a great motivation when facing the often daunting task of writing tests, allowing developers to incrementally improve their tests, and stay on top of them.

Keep the team on track

Clover will also measure and report on coverage and other metrics over time, keeping the team on track. Set coverage goals for your project and Clover will check them automatically.

Clover can also be used to find "dead code" in an application; code that is no longer used by the application that can be safely removed. This helps prevent code bloat.

Seamless integration with your project

Clover is designed to fit right in with your development environment. Clover plugs seamlessly into the Apache Ant and Maven build tools, and can be easily integrated into a Continuous Integration system. Clover also provides a legacy integration solution for those teams not using Ant or Maven.

Developers can also use Clover interactively on the desktop. Clover provides comprehensive plugins for JBuilder, IntelliJ IDEA, NetBeans and Eclipse. These plugins allow the developer to record and view coverage results all without leaving the IDE.

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